POPCHOSE Body Exfoliator Dry Brush, Dry Brushing Exfoliating Body Brush for Dry Skin




  • Renew & Recover Your Skin: Did you know our exfoliating brush reduce the appearance of stretch marks and ingrown hairs? No matter how much lotion you lather on, your skin still exists these problems. Our dry brush can fade them by stimulating your circulation to help renew your cells and soften your skin produce more collagen to give you freshly-scrubbed glow skin.
  • Exfoliating Muscle Massage: Our body exfoliator has rubber nodules that provide a peaceful massage for your muscles, soothing relief, and instant relaxation. Also our dry brush can do help to cellulite and lymphatic on the skin’s surface. Great for therapeutic myofacial release, spurring circulation, promoting lymph flow and drainage.
  • Body Brush for Cleansing: With our body exfoliator, you can exfoliates the skin and remove dead cells easily. The cleansed pores can absorb the rich ingredients in your skincare fully. Our beauty brush will make sure that you can rejuvenize a glowing look after cleansing and exfoliating. Skin brush would be a helpful body wash brush.
  • High Quality: Our bristle of dry brushing body brush is 100% naturally handmade. It is soft hard moderate and humidity resistant. The anti-slip canvas strap of the body brush makes it easy to hold and easy to hang after use. It can be for sensitive skin sense because it has those massage rubber nodules that doesn’t hurt as bad as a dry brush that just has bristles.


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